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Preparing for Dog Grooming in Loveland

By using a dog groomer, you won’t have to worry so much about the various grooming tasks that your dog requires. Instead, you will be able to focus more on enjoying them. While this might sound great, many dogs are terrified of the groomers. Here are some ways to help prepare your pet for dog grooming in Loveland.

Preparing a Puppy

Getting a puppy ready to visit a place such as Dogs’ Own Grooming and Grooming School is a far easier task than getting an adult dog ready. Puppies are easier because they don’t have any past experiences with a bad groomer and they are naturally curious. From a young age, handle your puppy the way that a groomer will. Let them get used to people touching their tails, ears, mouth, nose, and more.

One of the best things you can do with a puppy is getting them used to being crated for short periods. The easiest way to get them accustomed to a crate is to place their favorite toy inside and wait for them to go explore. Close the door after them and let them sit inside for about a minute. Continue doing this until they can sit in the crate for long periods without whining.

Tips on Preparing Adult Dogs

The best advice for preparing an adult dog for their first dog grooming in Loveland is to let them get used to the various tools a groomer will use. Expose your adult dog inside your home to various brushes, clippers, nail trimmers, hairdryers, and a water sprayer.

Start with the tools not running. Once they are used to the tools, begin to turn them on and leave them on for short periods until they are comfortable with the sounds.

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