Pet Grooming in Marysville: How to Make it Easier for you and Your Pet

It may seem like a luxury to some, but pet grooming is a necessary part of proper pet care. It is the best way to discover skin concerns early and to keep pests like fleas and ticks under control. It also keeps the nails trimmed to a safe length and helps pet owners be aware early of ear infections, a common problem in some breeds of dogs. Of course not all pets will love their bath and trim, but there are ways to make Pet Grooming appointments a little easier for all pets.

Start Grooming Early

One of the best things you can do to make grooming more accepted by your pets is to groom them from the start. Kittens and puppies should be brushed and bathed regularly from the time they are a few weeks old. It will make the process seem more commonplace and less worrisome to them.

Give a Reward

Make grooming more fun by including a special “something” afterwards. This could be a special treat, a walk through the park or anything else your pet loves to do that is not an every day event. As they begin to equate the grooming with this exciting reward, they will cooperate more willingly with their grooming.

Find Someone Special

Pet Grooming in Marysville is not something that just anyone can do. The people who excel at this type of career are those who are talented groomers as well as relaxed and natural around animals. Pets that are able to stay calm around their groomers and bond comfortably with them will enjoy their visits and feel less stressed.

Choose a Multi-Purpose Location

Look for Pet Grooming in Marysville that is provided by a company that offers more than just grooming. Pets will be more comfortable in a place they equate with something other than a bath and blow-dry. Look for an all-in-one location that offers a doggy daycare, clinic or boarding.

Pets that are groomed regularly look better, smell better and feel better. A well-groomed pet will receive more attention and generally be healthier than those for which grooming is lacking. Not all pets need the same amount of care, so always speak to your vet or groomer about what type of schedule is best for your pet.



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