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Palm Tree Skinning: Polishing up those Ragged Edges

Whether you live somewhere along the coast or just want your home to look like a little bungalow on the beach, palm trees are the perfect addition to your landscape. They’re the most maintenance-free members of the arboreal world, needing little more than warm temperatures and lots of sunshine to remain healthy. In fact, if you put too much effort into trimming and pruning them, you’re likely to do more harm than good.

That being said, their trunks are notorious harbingers of lizards, spiders, scorpions and plenty of other invaders you probably don’t want overly drawn to your property. Lingering fronds from seasons past are also welcoming hiding places for a number of pests known to be dangerous to the trees themselves. Palm Tree Skinning eliminates those potential safe havens, making your landscaping a bit less attractive for inhuman intruders.

If you’ve ever gazed upon palm trees in public areas with their smooth, sculpted appearance and wondered why yours look like woolly mammoths in comparison, the difference can probably be chalked up to skinning. Aside from the pest reduction aspect, it’s mostly a cosmetic procedure. It’ll leave your property looking neater and more manicured.

Palm Tree Skinning entails cutting away all the dead fronds, leaving behind a nice, sleek trunk. You can have this done to the entire trunk or only a portion of it. Some ask for shapely cuts with the most common being diamonds, but it’s purely a matter of choice between you and your landscaping team. Though it’s not an easy finish to achieve, it makes for an attractive overall result.

Tree trimmers can’t exactly be gentle when they’re skinning palms, so if you see them hacking away at your trees, don’t be alarmed. Those fronds take quite a bit of effort to remove. True professionals know when they’re getting close to the tender tissue underneath and will stop short of damaging the trees. They can’t go about the job carefully peruse, but they can use their knowledge and experience to take care of your palms.

Skinning doesn’t harm palm trees as long as it’s done correctly; however, it’s not recommended in areas with cold winters. The same fronds making your trees look unkempt can protect it from frost, cold winds and sub-freezing temperatures. For more information or to schedule a palm skinning session, contact Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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