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Options For Weight Loss Surgery In houston

Having weight loss surgery is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. However, the results can be rewarding, and can even save your life. The surgery is only recommended if you’re morbidly obese, have an obesity-related health problem, have tried to lose weight by other means and fully understand the risk. Many insurance companies may not pay for the surgery, unless the patient’s life is at risk. Patients take a psychological exam to assess their readiness for the surgery. According to weight loss surgery houston, it’s important to realize the surgery means a lifestyle change. Once the pounds comes off, you’ll have to eat properly and exercise to maintain your weight. Gastric banding ( or Lap-Band) is probably the least invasive treatment. The surgery uses a band to make a small pouch in your stomach. The procedure works because you won’t be able to eat a lot. Most people feel full after eating just 1/2 to 1 cup of food. Recovery from gastric banding is faster than with other weight-loss surgery, and the procedure can be reversed.

The sleeve gastrectomy is another weight loss option. During the laparoscopic surgery, three-fourths of the stomach is removed. Surgeons connect the remaining stomach to the intestines. This irreversible procedure is generally reserved for patients who are too ill to risk a gastric bypass. Most patients lose up to half of their extra weight with the sleeve procedure. Gastric bypass is the most common procedure at weight loss surgery houston.The surgeon divides the stomach in such a way as to eliminate a portion of the digestive tract. As a result, patients aren’t able to absorb as many calories. Patients lose weight quickly–half of their body weight in six months. There’s also a dramatic improvement in conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Gastric bypass has also shown good long-term results. Patients keep the weight off for ten years or longer. This surgery is usually irreversible. It’s recommended that patients use physicians and clinics that specialize in weight loss surgery. The physicians will be able to assess whether you’re a candidate for surgery, and what procedure is best.

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