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Office Supplies in Oahu: The Ongoing Popularity of the Traditional Rubber Stamp

Even with 21st-Century technology emphasizing electronics, software, and digital devices, traditional and seemingly old-fashioned Office Supplies in Oahu are still in demand. That includes rubber stamps that may be generalized products or customized items with an organization’s name and other information. Some stamps require an ink pad while others are self-inking. Self-inked versions are convenient options for office workers who must stamp a large number of papers regularly.

Rubber stamps arrived on the scene in the mid-1800s and quickly gained favor with commercial establishments. The devices provided a fast and easy way to add routine information to paperwork and also had an official appearance. It’s not clear who actually invented these products, and several individuals claimed that achievement. Numerous manufacturers were producing the equipment by the beginning of the 20th Century.

A large number of general stamps are available for various purposes from a store selling Office Supplies in Oahu. Date stamps are very common and also are likely to be of the self-inked form. Stamps also can be used to mark papers as approved, accepted, or canceled. Customized products may include the name and address of a return stamp on an envelope or for easy filling in of blank spaces on documents. Logos can be included as well as decorative touches.

Customers also can choose from a range of sizes and shapes for the stamps at a store like Rubber Stamp One Day Service, also known as RODS. Rectangular products are most commonly chosen since text tends to take that general shape. However, customers also can decide on circles, ovals, or squares if they prefer. Rectangular stamps are often purchased in a size of about 2″ x 1/2″ or 1″, but they can be made significantly larger. Visit our website to learn more about products that are available.

Ink can be purchased in numerous colors too. Most offices want stamps in black, but red is another prevalent color. It’s more noticeable and can be especially suitable for marking overdue invoices, so recipients are immediately alerted to the problem. Stamp ink can also convey cheerier aspects, depending on the usage.

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