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Need Help? We Buy Houses in Suffolk County

You may get more for your house if you sell it through a realtor. However, you may also have to wait for months for the right buyer. If you do not want to wait, or you cannot wait for months, you should consider turning to property investors who advertise, “We buy houses in Suffolk County.” These companies will buy your house, regardless of location or condition. They also pay cash, which means the transaction can be completed in as a little as a week. There are good reasons why homeowners turn to property investors.

Sales Rarely Fail

When you sell your house through a realtor, or when you sell it privately, there can be a great deal of “back-and-forth” negotiations. You can spend a lot of time showing the house to potential buyers, answering what seems like a string of never-ending questions. It is a long, hard road until you reach the point where a buyer makes an offer that you are happy with. It is not unusual to reach this point only for the sale to fall through because the buyer does not qualify for a housing loan. Your only option at this point is to start over. Cash deals eliminate this. When an investor makes an all-cash offer, the credit does not matter. Rarely do sales fall through at the last minute.


Selling a house in a conventional manner can take weeks, if not months before you get an acceptable offer. Then, it can take several more weeks for the sale to close. When you sell for cash, the deal closes quickly, and the sale is problem free.

When you sell to a cash buyer, he or she assesses the value of the property and makes an offer. If the offer is agreeable, the sale proceeds quickly. Selling your house for cash eliminates problems that often occur when a house is sold to a party that needs to arrange financing. For more information visit us at Apex Investments, LLC.

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