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Medical Mobility Equipment In St Louis MO Will Help With Independence

What is the best way to remain independent when someone is elderly, injured, or recovering from surgery? Remaining mobile will help a person remain independent and help with their self-confidence and recovery. There are several types of Medical Mobility Equipment in St Louis MO including:

  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Lift Chairs
  • Stairlifts
  • Ramps
  • Walking Aids

All these items can help with the safety and mobility of an individual. The barriers an individual faces by remaining on one floor or never leaving their home can be eliminated with the correct type of mobility equipment.

Lift Chair

Recliners are comfortable and relaxing until a person cannot get into or out of the chair. This comfortable seating can cause a big problem for many individuals too weak to sit in them. A lift chair differs from a recliner because it offers the same comfort but will lift the person to a standing position. With a push of a button, the chair will gently lower the individual into a sitting position and offers more reclining options than a normal chair.


A big problem for many individuals who have an injury or the elderly loved one is stairs. Stairlifts can eliminate the problem by allowing residents to get up and down a flight of stairs with a motorized chair. This chair will travel along a rail and safely transport the individual up or down the steps. These can be installed on straight or curved steps.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are at many stores for individuals to use. The problem is, many of these scooters are already in use when they’re needed, and waiting to shop is not always an option. The scooters are ideal for individuals who cannot use a regular wheelchair and provide the flexibility to use on a variety of terrains. Medical Mobility Equipment in St Louis MO can enhance an individual’s quality of life.

If you or someone you love wants to be mobile and erase the barriers that are preventing freely moving about, contact Med X Change LLC. They offer a wide selection of mobility aids and will work with the patient and the insurance company. For more information, visit the website.

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