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Master Craftsmen Work With Antique Rug Restoration in New York City

Have you had your heart set on owning a gorgeous antique or oriental rug? Maybe, you already own one that’s in need of repair. You don’t know anyone that does that type of work. Many people call on one of the companies specializing in antique rug restoration in New York City. These companies have websites that show before and after photos of rugs people have had repaired. The rugs look like they did when they were first purchased. These shops also sell new and gently used antique rugs that are upper echelon and the highest quality in the city.

When a client lives within 50 miles of the city, their rug can be picked up associates. They are above reproach and leave the client with a written agreement stating when the rug will be fully restored. They begin to work immediately, by first cleaning the rug before work is begun on it. If the restoration is extremely extensive, it will be shipped to Turkey where master restorers may take some time to restore it. Shipments leave and arrive in the U.S. each month. Work completed overseas costs less than work done here in the states.

Many people visit the stores that offer Antique Rug Restoration in New York City. There are many choices in antique and oriental rugs. If you log on to one of the websites, you’ll get to watch a video of how rugs are restored and how wool is dyed to match the rest of the rug. Repairs made are by a master craftsman that artfully weaves and cleans the rug with secret knowledge handed down from great, great grandparents to children in the family. Cleaning, removal of stains and restoration of antique rugs requires much patience by master weavers.

Most of the companies in the city also restore other types of rugs, including Aubussons, American Indian rugs, Kilims, Tapestries and many more. The rugs are worth a fortune to the person that owns them. The companies that work with them also know their worth. Whether your rug has pet stains, or they’re moth-eaten with holes in them, don’t give up. Call on a company you can trust, that offers the highest quality workmanship. When people are making choices on Fort Wayne Roofing, they call people that know roofing inside and out. It’s the same when rug restoration is needed. Call the best.

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