Managing Your Shop: Data to make the Best Decisions

There is a lot more to managing an auto repair store than just swinging wrenches. The mechanical side is just the tip of the ice burg, and much more detail is needed to be successful. You must remember that it is a business, and as a business, requires informed business decisions. The decisions that you make are going to impact your bottom line, and can make or break your business. You need to manage your labor force, sales results, and marketing initiatives. This is a lot of data, and is generally captured with your auto repair POS software. This data is going to help you run your business as successfully as possible.

Labor Force Management

Your staff is the front line of your business. To properly track how your staff is doing you are going to need a few key data points. Their schedule is one of the most fundamental parts of dealing with labor. It is important to keep track of who is working, at what location, and how many hours they are working. This helps you deal with pay roll, and can also help you maximize your staff.

Sales Results

Along with hours, you should be interested in knowing how your sales results are doing. You will want to see who within your staff is the most successful at selling additional services. This data will also show you what services are used most regularly, and should influence your business decisions.

Marketing Initiatives

To make the most of your business, you will need to have some marketing initiatives to boost sales. The results of these initiatives should be captured in your sales results, but they should be part of their own category. They are not part of the everyday business, and should be treated separately. This helps you see if your marketing dollars are well spent.

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