Managing An Adoption With A Family Lawyer In Bainbridge Island

In Washington, adoption provides a legal avenue for couples and individuals to become parents. When conception isn’t possible, adoption is an alternative way to become parents and provide a loving home for a child. A Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island can manage the adoption process for these loving families.

Adoption Agency or Private Adoption

The process for adoption is similar regardless of which option the prospective parents choose. However, an adoption agency may have stricter guidelines than parents will face in a private adoption. The adoption agency may require a home study and interview with the parents before approving them for an adoption. A private adoption is managed by the birth parents and their attorney only.

The Termination of the Parental Rights

The court requires documents to terminate the parental rights of the birth parents. The forms must be completed and signed in front of a notary. In most adoptions, the parental rights are terminated by choice. However, under circumstances in which child protective services must remove the child from the home, the parental rights are terminated due to a serious risk to the child.

Financial Assessments for Prospective Parents

The prospective parents must provide documentation of their income. Their income must show that the parents are financially capable of supporting the child and meeting their needs. It is not necessary for each parent to work. However, their income must show that the child won’t present a financial hardship for the parents. The prospective parents must also have adequate space within their home for the child according to local laws.

What Happens During the Court Hearing?

The court hearing is a formality that is required for all adoptions. A judge reviews all documentation secured by the social worker and/or the attorneys. He or she must determine that the parents are the right fit for the child based on their income and ability to care for the child. The prospective parents can change the child’s name if they prefer.

In Washington, adoption is a process which enables couples or individuals to become legal parents to a child. The legal process requires the submission of income statements and could require a home study. Prospective parents who want to start the process can contact a Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island right now.

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