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Manage Your Mitel Communications In Denver And It Won’t Let You Down

Mitel has been a major player in the telecommunications industry since its founding in 1972. They were among the first to recognize the significance of microprocessor and software technologies for telecom switches and have continually produced technologically advanced products. Currently, the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform is very popular telecommunications solution for small businesses because of its flexibility and simplicity.

Benefits of Mitel 5000

One of the major advantages of the Mitel 5000 is that it lowers communication costs by blending the voice system into the data network. This allows businesses to communicate freely with employees in geographically distant locations. This is a scalable software and hardware platform, allowing room for growth, combining both TDM switching architecture and data networking. It can support as many as 250 users at multiple sites.

Out of the box small business solutions include Meet-me Conferencing, excellent for team-building and higher productivity, Unified Messaging, using one number and mailbox for all users, wherever they are based, and other enterprise level applications.

Upgrading from Axxess

Customers currently using Axxess might want to consider upgrading to Mitel Communications in Denver. In addition being able to increase employee productivity with the Meet-me Conferencing, vm to email is included as a standard feature.

There are many people out there advertising that they can fix just about anything, but do you want to entrust something as enterprise-critical as telecommunications to just anyone? If a business network is not monitored, it will limp from crisis to crisis. That’s inefficient and will cost much more in the long run. When technicians are familiar with the network and equipment, instead of coming in cold when something goes down, they can spot potential problems.

Ceres Technology Group has the people to service Mitel Communications in Denver. Their Mitel-certified technicians and sales staff are able to answer all question concerning the Mitel system. They want to be your partner, not just somebody called in whenever there’s a crisis. They will keep the big picture in mind; they’re business professionals who just happen to be able to fix computers. Put them to work on your Mitel 5000 before there’s a problem. Call today for a free IT assessment.

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