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Keep Location and Environmental Considerations in Mind When Designing Screen Porches in Brookfield, WI

It may seem like winter is right around the corner, but in fact there are still many months left to enjoy the beautiful late summer and fall weather. Why not take in the upcoming fall foliage from the comfort of a screened in porch? With today’s technology automatic screens, grills, and even televisions all have a place in furnishing this kind of semi-outdoor environment. Residents can have the best of both worlds in addition to adding extra space to their homes. Screen porches in Brookfield WI can create a welcome breath of fresh air without the hassle of bugs and dealing with inclement weather.

When looking for a company to design and construct a new screen porch, it’s best to have some idea of what the space will be used for and how it will look before going into the first consultation. A professional contractor will be able to share their experience in the form of helpful information and design tips, but they will also want to know things like how big the finished project is going to be and where it is going to be situated in relation to the house.

Location is important when building Screen Porches in Brookfield WI. If there are existing structures such as decks and patios, these must be considered, as must local building codes. Often there are restrictions in place that limit how close a new construction project can be to the edge of the property, and blocking or altering flowage, utility, and accessibility easements is out of the question. This may narrow down the size and placement of the new porch considerably depending on the property.

In addition to these legal restrictions, the topographical features of the lawn must be taken into account during the design phase. Land that slopes away from the house, even if it is quite steep, does not preclude the addition of a screened in porch. It will, however, necessitate pier reinforcements, which can increase the overall cost of the project.

Other environmental factors such as the location of the sun and which direction the summer breeze is usually blowing cannot be ignored. If these factors are taken into account, they can help homeowners collaborate with builders to create the porch of their dreams. Contact us for more information or to get a free estimate today!

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