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Join Senior Pastor Art Sepulveda At Word Of Life In Honolulu

One of the greatest joys in life is finding your true church home. It becomes a source of faith, inspiration, fellowship, comfort and strength, led by the Senior Pastor. There’s a joyful sense of belonging and coming home to the Father.

People sometimes ask, “How do you know when you’ve met your true love?.” The answer is that” You just know.” This also holds true for your church home. There’s an immediate emotional and spiritual connection.

Join a Life Group

Large churches, such as Word of Life, can seem overwhelming at first. Life Groups are a wonderful way to meet others. Small groups of people meet weekly to support and encourage one another, pray together and grow stronger in their faith. Strong friendships can be formed between the brothers and sisters of Life Groups. It may be necessary to visit more than one group before being led to the one that’s meant for you.

Emerge – the Youth Ministry

There is no more important mission than bringing young people to the love of Christ. Emerge is Word of Life’s youth ministry for those in middle school and high school. Today’s youth encounter an unprecedented number of temptations and deal with a high level of stress. Each one that is lost is a tragedy. Word of Life is committed to bringing each young person fully into the love of Christ through discipleship.

The G12 Vision

Word of Life is proud to join with many other churches of various denominations worldwide to fulfill the G12 vision – the Great Commission. This is a four-step process for bringing new believers to Christ.

  • Win:
  • lead new followers to Christ
  • Consolidate:
  • care for new believers until their faith is strong
  • Disciple:
  • train people for leaderships roles in the ministry
  • Send:
  • multiply the reach and influence of Christ through Life Groups

The 2016 G12 Hawaii Conference, Send Your Rain, will be held August 24-28.

Art Sepulveda founded Word of Life, located in beautiful downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the Senior Pastor, working with his wife, Pastor Kuna. In 1984 he was called to the ministry after a career in architecture, founding Word of Life Christian Center in September of that year. Since then, the church has grown from 25 worshipers to more than 6,000. Church campuses are located throughout Hawaii as well as in California and Japan. To learn more about Word of Life, visit You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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