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It May Be Time for Neurology Treatment in Miami, FL

Most people do not see a neurologist unless referred to one by their doctor, but the truth is that many of these patients do not visit a neurology clinic until months or even years after they should have arrived. Not only to these patients suffer from unnecessary pain for much longer, but they may even have serious conditions of which they are unaware that may be causing the chronic pain. This is why it may be time for you to take a serious look at your symptoms to determine if you should look into neurology treatment from a specialist.


People may mean a wide variety of things whenever they say they are feeling dizzy, and different types of dizziness can occur with different conditions, which will in turn require different doctors to address. Neurology treatment in Miami, FL is commonly offered to those who experience vertigo and disequilibrium, a serious problem that may not be life threatening in and of itself but that may lead to injury. Neurology services in Miami, FL are offered by dedicated professionals who are happy to help you find the underlying cause of your dizziness, especially if the problem has become chronic.

Numbness or Tingling

Similar to dizziness, numbness and tingling may occur for a wide range of reasons and be caused by many types of problems, such as nerve damage from diabetes, an injury, a spinal condition, or a neurological condition. Neurology treatment may be necessary if you notice numbness and tingling very suddenly or quickly, especially if it is only felt on one side of the body or if it is associated with weakness of the body. These are the signs of something serious, such as a stroke, which will require urgent evaluation and the help of a trained professional for recovery and targeted rehabilitation.

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