Is It Time for Me to Think About Personal Bankruptcy?

If you are having difficulty with your finances, don’t feel alone. Many people are no more than one or two paychecks away from a serious financial crisis. Recent events have left you unsure of what to do next. It may be time to talk with a bankruptcy attorney in Rockford, IL. Here are some signs that you should seek help today.

You See No Way to Catch Up Your Late Payments

You’ve been through the household budget several times and there is no way you can continue to keep a roof over your head and pay all of your debts. That includes the ones that are already two or three months behind. With no hope of ever catching up, it’s time to seek legal advice. A bankruptcy attorney from Rockford, IL can look over your situation and provide some ideas of what options are open to you.

Creditors are Calling You at Work

You’re starting to get collection calls at work. They’re coming frequently enough that your boss is beginning to notice. Rather than allowing the situation to escalate, it’s time to take action. As a bankruptcy lawyer will confirm, all collection efforts stop once the debtor files for bankruptcy protection. Any creditor that tries to continue collections will be dealt with by the court.

You Can’t Sleep

Worries about your debt are keeping you up at night. The lack of sleep is beginning to affect your job performance. While you’re still managing to get everything done, it’s not always easy. Before you lose more sleep and possibly make a serious mistake at work, talk with a bankruptcy attorney in Rockford, IL. Once a decision is made, you are likely to enjoy your first good nights’ sleep in months.

Choosing to seek bankruptcy protection is a serious decision. Make sure you are selecting a solution that will ultimately help you recover your financial well-being. Call the team at the Crosby Law Firm today and arrange a consultation. You can also visit website and request an appointment. After going over your circumstances, our team will provide you with information about personal bankruptcy options and the options open to you.

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