Information Regarding Dental Implants in Chicago

Missing teeth are something that no one wants to have to deal with. Since your smile is the first thing that people notice about you, having missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious, making you smile less. Not only are there cosmetic issues, but you may also have trouble chewing your food completely and speaking certain words. It is important for you to understand that you do have options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth.

Instead of having to rely on partials or being stuck with the missing teeth issue, now there are Dental Implants in Chicago that can replace your missing teeth and give you the smile and function that you have been missing.

When you go in for your first consultation, you will be thoroughly examined and have X-rays done. This examination is important because it will allow the dentist to check your gums, to make sure they are healthy enough for implants. It will also show through the X-ray if there are any root issues that might interfere with you having implants put in. Once the dentist has made the decision that you are a good candidate for implants, he or she will schedule you for the procedure and prepare you for what will take place.

The procedure for having implants put in is a surgical one. Depending on the number of implants you are having, you will either have general anesthesia or local. Your dentist will inform you of what type you are having. He will ask you to refrain from eating for a certain period before the procedure and you may be asked to stop certain medications. Your dentist will give you detailed instructions about dental implants in Chicago to follow on the day of your procedure. You will also be given information on how to care for your mouth after the procedure.

Once you have your procedure for dental implants, it will take about three weeks for your gums to heal. You will then have your teeth implants put in. With proper care, your implants can last a lifetime and will look and perform just like your natural teeth.

For more information on dental implants in Chicago or other areas of dentistry, contact Art of Modern Dentistry or visit their website today.

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