Information From Dentist in Toms River on Possible Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening procedure does not come without possible side effects from products used. Side effects from teeth whitening are a rare occurrence. Although that is the case, it’s best to be informed about the associated side effects.

The most disappointing side effect would be cases where the procedure does not get your teeth as white as you had hoped. Those who have heavily stained teeth or discoloration may not notice a huge change in the color. This also applies to those individuals who may whiten their teeth too often. This can result in a gray tint to the teeth instead of the pearly white color that everyone dreams of having. Again, this does not happen often but concerns such as these should be discussed with your dentist before having the procedure done.

Another possible side effect could be irritation to the soft tissue in your mouth. This is very similar to a chemical burn and it can occur if your gums come in contact with the whitening solution. It is more common with professional teeth whitening products with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The soft tissue irritation would be evident if the tissue appears white after the procedure is done. The tissue will generally return to normal shortly afterwards. Prolonged exposure to teeth whitening products can cause more extreme cases.

Whitening can also bring out the sensitivity in your teeth. They may become more sensitive during or shortly after the whitening procedure by a General Dentist in Toms River. The reason behind this sensitivity is because your dentin layer is exposed to the whitening solution. If you are one of the many individuals with sensitive teeth, you should consult with your dentist before having Teeth Whitening Toms River. There are alternative solutions that can be used for those with sensitive teeth.

Teeth Whitening Toms River is usually a procedure that produces the results you want. Side effects are not common. As with any dental procedure it’s always best to discuss any concerns with your dentist beforehand. They can assess your teeth and determine which whitening method is best for you.

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