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Increasing the Life Cycle Of A Nitrogen Spray Gun

Buying products for a cleanroom can be a costly process, but there are ways to extend the life of any type of cleanroom equipment. One of the most commonly used parts in these rooms is a nitrogen spray gun, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconductors and other similar types of parts.

The use of nitrogen rather than air in cleanrooms types of applications is essential to prevent introducing small particulate matter as well as moisture into the environment. The guns, which are typically attached to a bench or work area are very simple to use, with just a squeeze of the trigger creating a stream of nitrogen that can be used to blow away small particles of debris on the actual component under fabrication or on the workspace area.

Precision Design

As the nitrogen spray gun is used in harsh environments and the nitrogen gas itself can cause corrosion and damage to many types of materials, choosing models from the top manufacturers in the industry is the best way to ensure a long duty cycle of the guns.

Look for systems that include the hose, fitting and the options and features in the gun that is ideal for your specific work area and conditions. Having the option to choose the hose assembling and the fitting and even the style of the gun and trigger is also important in many applications.

Ideally, look for a nitrogen spray gun that has a coating of PTFE. This is a highly resistant coating that protects the gun from any type of corrosion or acid damage, even in very harsh environments.

Highly durable, keeping the spray guns up and off work surfaces and away from any type of high impact risk are two other simple ways to extend the life of the gun.

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