In Search of Best Trucking Companies to Work For

Would you like to be a truck driver? There are many good things about this kind of job and some excellent benefits also. However, not all trucking companies are the same, and you’ll want to check out companies closely before making a final decision. So, which ones are the best companies to work for? These tips can help you make your decision much easier.


Getting the right benefits is just as important as pay. After all, if you don’t have sufficient health care coverage, you could be paying out a lot of expenses if you or a family member becomes injured or ill. Here are some important benefits to look for:

 * Medical plans – should include a reasonable deductible and pay for diagnostics. Also, be sure the company has plans for dependents and spouses and provides a choice of medical plans. This ensures you get the best possible coverage.

 * Dental care – this is very important because the price of a procedure like a root canal can be as much as two thousand dollars in some areas.
 * Short term disability – what would you do if you were off work for several weeks or months? It can happen to anybody and receiving income during this time can make the difference between losing your home and keeping it.

 * Tuition reimbursement

 * Bonuses – the best trucking companies to work for offer excellent bonuses for mileage and safety.

 * Life insurance

 * Retirement plans – look for plans like 401K. This will give you an investment and retirement plan.

Additional Considerations

When you check out truck driving jobs, look to see if the company allows riders. This can make it possible to take a spouse or friend along for companionship if you are driving over the road.

Some companies allow pets to travel with their drivers. This can make a long stretch of the road less lonely and more fun. Plus, if you are driving over the road, you won’t have to be constantly placing your pet in a boarding facility if you live alone.


Has the company has been in business very long? This is an important consideration because you don’t want your employer to go suddenly out of business or take out bankruptcy. The best trucking companies to work for, have many years of experience in the industry. For example, who would you trust the most, a company with a few years in the freight business or one which has been around since the time of the Great Depression?

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