Important Information to Know Before Seeking Services of Pediatric Dentistry in St George UT

Good dental care entails taking good care of teeth, gums and other related structures, such as the tongue. It also involves prevention and treatment of gum diseases and repair or replacement of damaged teeth. That is why it is advisable to take a child to an experienced pediatric dentist, six months after the eruption of the first teeth. Taking a child to a pediatric dentist an early age is the best way to prevent gum diseases and help parents learn how to clean and care for their child’s teeth. After all, tooth decay can occur as soon as teeth start to appear. Here are some important details to know before seeking professional services of Pediatric Dentistry St George UT.

How should parents prepare for their child’s first visit to a dentist?

Before the visit, ask the dentist about the procedures performed during the initial appointment to avoid any surprises. Plan for a course of action for any reactions the child may exhibit – cooperative or non-cooperative. Talk to the child about what to expect, build excitement as well as understanding prior to the visit. Remember to carry records of the child’s complete medical history during the visit.

What will happen during the initial visit?

The first session usually lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the age and complaint of the child. The pediatric dentist will first the child’s medical history and respond to any questions and concerns. They will then examine the child’s teeth, gums, bite, jaw and oral tissues to monitor their growth and development. If necessary, a gentle cleaning that includes removing of stains, plaque and tartar may be carried out. The dentist will also check the need for fluoride and make the necessary recommendations.

When should the next visit be?

Like adults, children should see their pediatric dentist after every six months. However, most pediatric dentists may recommend interim visits after every three months especially if the child is young to detect any oral problems early.

Seeking professional services of Pediatric Dentistry St George UT early leads to a lifetime of oral care habits and acclimates to the child to a dentist. Browse Site for more information on the benefits of an early visit to a pediatric dentist.

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