Brewery Equipment

Important Factors When Buying Beer Filling Equipment

For a startup brewery, the choice of each type of equipment is important. Not only does the equipment have to offer all the features and functions required immediately, but it should also be designed to be able to grow with the brewery and to adapt to the types of bottles and the types of beers or beverages you plan to produce.

Carbonated Beverage Considerations

When choosing beer filling equipment, look for systems that are designed to work with carbonated beverages. Carbonation poses unique challenges for any filling equipment, and by choosing a system designed for beer, options to fill to volumetric level or through metered measurement make it easy to configure the system to various bottle types and sizes.
The best option in beer filling equipment is a counter-pressure gravity fill system. This system is instrumental in ensuring the beer retains carbonation in the bottle by removing the air from the bottle before filling. At the same time, carbon dioxide is used to pressurize the bottle, allowing for a long shelf life without any loss of carbonization.

Types of Bottles

There are two different options in how beer filling equipment feeds the bottles. Some are designed to capture the bottle by the top to position it for filling. Others use a side method of moving the bottle. Knowing the types of bottles used allows you to select the right equipment configuration to be most versatile for your bottling needs.

Ideally, choosing equipment that includes all processes from rinsing bottles to filling and crowning is the best option for most breweries. This streamlines the process and, with a small footprint system, it is the perfect choice for a smaller facility where physical space is a consideration.
Energy and water efficiency is typically also a factor to consider, and comparing different equipment options allows the brewery to find the ideal match for their production line.

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