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Ideas for Closet Organizers

With the rise in shows about removing clutter, maintaining a tidy home and hoarding disorder, it is natural that people want to get more organized and be more intentional about the items that they choose to keep. When you make a big investment in a quality item of clothing or an accessory, it is also important to store it properly in order to avoid damage. These closet organizer ideas make it easy to store different types of clothing, shoes and accessories in a tidy way that is pleasing to the eye and makes it easy to find what you need when you get dressed and ready for your day.

Vertical storage is an often overlooked part of closet organizer ideas. One way to maximize the vertical storage space in a closet is to hang two clothing rods in parallel. This works well for shirts. Long-sleeved shirts could be placed on one of the rods, and short-sleeved shirts on the other. In a shared closet, there could be one rod for each person’s shirts. Longer clothing items such as dresses, skirts, pants and coats take up more vertical space. However, shelving units for accessories could be placed above or below these hanging items.

In a large walk-in closet, an island could be installed. The island could have drawers for accessories and intimates. The drawers should have dividers in order to prevent tangling and to keep things orderly. Some good items to store in drawers include socks, scarves, bracelets, shawls, hats and brooches. Deeper drawers can accommodate bras, sweaters, slips, leggings, hosiery and undergarments. Pegboard is also helpful as a closet organizer. It can hold belts, ties and necklaces. A hat rack should also be installed for holding baseball caps, hats and umbrellas. A wall-mounted hat rack could fit above the door.

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