Ideas For Accenting Landscaping Features Using 120V Landscape Lighting

In the spring, summer, and early autumn spending time outside in your garden, particularly in the cooler parts of the evening, is a wonderful way to unwind, get back to nature, or just to spend time with the ones you love. By installing 120V landscape lighting to add to the beauty of your landscaping, you can dramatically extend the time that you spend outside.

Even in areas where the winters are cold and not conducive to spending time outdoors in the evening, 120V landscape lighting is still a beautiful addition to a front and back yard area. With the reflection off the snow, the effects of the lighting is dramatic, even if you don’t have the beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs that are featured during the growing season.

See the Light not the Fixture

For the best in 120V landscape lighting, choose lighting packages and fixtures that are designed to blend into the landscaping and not stand out. This includes the pole fixtures which include fixtures in nickel, bronze, copper, or other earthy and natural tones that balance with the colors of the surrounding landscaping.

Uplights and floodlight types of 120V landscape lighting choose designs for the fixture that will be camouflaged by the plants, shrubs or landscaping design. This allows the eye to focus on the soft, diffuse light and not on the light source itself.

Mix Lighting Options

One of the differences between choosing top quality 120V landscape lighting and choosing the discount options available at local hardware or chain type of design or building supply stores is the variety of lights sold within a package. Packages specific for walkways, gardens and even for outdoor living spaces and water features give a variety to the lights that is impossible to match.

With these 120V landscape lighting packages, the fixtures will vary as will the options for the specific lighting brightness, colors, and distance. This allows you to customize the look you want for each specific feature within your landscaped area.

The variety in 120V landscape lighting adds to the aesthetic appeal of these lights. Larger and brighter lights can be used in more distant locations while softer and more diffuse lights can be used to create a very gentle lighting source that accents areas of the yard, garden or landscaping that are closer, keeping everything in balance and harmony.

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