Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers: Everything You Need to Know

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Industrial Goods

Hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide variety of different applications. They are most commonly used in earth moving industries, mining industries, fire and rescue companies, waste and recycling industries, auto hauling equipment manufacturers and other industries where excessive force is required. A hydraulic cylinder is also known as a hydraulic motor. It is a mechanical actuator that applies force in a particular direction through a unidirectional stroke. For instance, hydraulic cylinders are installed in excavators and large machines, thus allowing the machine to operate its linkages accordingly.

The shapes and sizes of hydraulic cylinders vary depending upon the application. For instance, in some cases, custom hydraulic cylinders may be required. Custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturers provide a range of services. Apart from repairing services, the main focus lies on manufacturing hydraulic cylinders that are tailored to the specifications provided by the client. Here are a few things that you should know about hiring hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.

Custom Manufacturing

Custom-made single acting hydraulic cylinders are used in various industries. The cylinder consists of a pump, a hose and the cylinder itself. The pressure is applied through the hydraulic fluid or oil that pushes into the connected cylinder when force is applied to the hydraulic hose.

Inside the cylinder, the oil moves through the hose and raises the piston out of the cylinder. Single acting hydraulic cylinders can be used in a host of different applications. Therefore, it is important for you to be very careful when providing the exact specifications of the cylinder. One of the things you should know about custom single acting cylinders is that they are much lower-priced as compared to double acting counterparts. Moreover, they can also be mounted in a variety of different ways, thus making it more useful in a range of different industrial and mobile applications.

If you are looking for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers that offer custom manufacturing, make sure that you first talk to the representatives of the company about the lead times. It takes around four to six weeks to manufacture custom cylinders. Some companies may charge more depending upon their backlogs.

Customer Support

Because you are applying for a personalized service, you will obviously expect top-of-the-line customer support. Rather than placing an order with a larger manufacturer, it is wise to take your time and find out the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in your area. Make sure that the manufacturer you hire offers 24/7 customer support. Many manufacturers also provide warranties and guarantees to replace or repair the cylinders in case something goes wrong.

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