How to Seek a Divorce in Palatine When Domestic Abuse is Involved

How does domestic violence impact a divorce settlement in Palatine? Depending on the situation, it can affect visitation and custody rights. The courts could force the abuser to attend counseling or drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Palatine divorce lawyers help people dissolve marital assets, arrange possible visitation times, and acquire protective orders.

How Does Domestic Violence Impact a Divorce Settlement in Palatine?

If children or pets are involved, the abuser may be prohibited from having contact with them, and the offender may still need to pay child support. Everyone is entitled to live in a safe environment. The courts can order the abuser to stay away from a property even if the abuser pays for it.

Forms of Abuse

Palatine divorce lawyers understand that domestic abuse plays out in more ways than just physical harm. There are also emotional and reproductive acts. If one partner prevents another from seeking birth control, it may be a deceitful act of power. Emotional abuse ranges from stalking to crippling jealousy coupled with guilt trips.


In Illinois, victims do not have to prove to the courts that they are being abused to get a divorce. The judge can deem the marriage irreparable. This method means the victims do not have to relive the attacks or mental abuse. Some spouses might be afraid to file, but attorneys can help people get protective orders before the legal processes begin. If you need assistance starting or getting through a divorce that involves domestic violence, reach out to Palatine divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C. for more information.

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