How to Prevent Basement Floods

The basement in your home serves several purposes. Not only can it provide space for entertaining guests in your home, but it can also serve as an interior storage area.

While a basement can provide several benefits, one drawback of owning a home with a basement is it can flood without notice. The good news is there are actions you can take to minimize your basement’s risk of flooding. Here’s what you can do to prevent basement floods.

Keep your gutters and downspouts clean
The purpose of your home’s gutters and downspouts is to keep water away from your home. When they are cluttered with leaves and trash, they won’t be able to function properly.

It only requires a few minutes of your time to clean the gutters and downspouts. By putting this task on your ‘to-do’ list regularly, you can prevent rain from flooding your home.

Regrade your yard
If your home is located at the bottom of a hill, the rain and melted snow can direct water to your property. As a result, your basement will flood. Survey your yard to determine if it’s time to handle any landscape issues that can cause flooding.

Maintain your sump pump system
Sump pumps cause the majority of flooding problems in basements. Although it can prevent water damage and mold, it can cause flooding if it isn’t properly maintained. Check your sump pump to ensure that it’s plugged in and working properly.

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