Septic Tanks

How To Know When Septic System Repair in Olympia, WA is Necessary

In some areas of the country, a septic tank is mandatory for homes located where there is no municipal sewage service available. These tanks separate the liquid waste from the solid waste and also help to protect the groundwater supply from being adversely affected. While a tank needs to be pumped every few years, homeowners may occasionally need to find Septic System Repair in Olympia WA. These signs indicate a repair is imminent.

The Toilet is Running Slowly

If a toilet is not flushing properly, that could mean the septic tank has reached its storage capacity. When this happens a homeowner must take action right away and call for service. Ignoring this tell-tale sign could result in sewage backing up into the house, which is unsightly, unhealthy, and putrid.

Pipes Are Making Odd Noises

When the pipes start to gurgle after homeowners flush the toilet or run water, that may indicate the system is failing and it is time for Septic System Repair in Olympia WA. The gurgling occurs because generally the septic tank is overflowing with waste and cannot operate correctly.

Standing Water is Starting To Build Up

When pools of water start to appear in the drainage area, that is a strong indication the system is starting to falter. This is often accompanied by a foul odor. This is a perfect time to hire a professional septic service to inspect the area because these wet areas can lead to unhealthy conditions.

The Grass Is Greener

Sometimes, the grass being greener on the other side is not a good thing. An early indication of a drainage field starting to fail is an increasing amount of liquid in the soil. If a homeowner notices the grass is growing more quickly around the septic tank site, that is not a good sign. Extra and rapid growth means the problem may have been happening for well over a week.

Hire a Local Leader To Solve Septic Problems

When faced with septic problems, customers need a septic company that will offer 24-hour emergency service. They also want to deal with a company with family-owned values and the latest in technology.

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