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How to Improve Crown Hair Loss with Hair Transplant in New York City

Many men dread the effects of male pattern baldness. One of the most commonly affected areas is the “crown” or “bald spot” on the back of the scalp. Once men start to develop this “spot,” many feel their only option is to simply shave it all off. But don’t worry; you do not have to cut your hair completely bald. Read on to find out if hair restoration New York City can improve your crown hair loss.

FUT Hair Transplant
If you are serious about saving your hair, then you may want to consider pursuing hair restoration in New York City. A FUT hair transplant, also known as a strip procedure, is the gold standard for New York City hair restoration. During this procedure the surgeon removes a narrow sliver of hair-bearing skin from the sides and back of your head. Hair follicles are individually dissected from the strip, then inserted individually into your balding areas.

A few days after the hair transplant, the “roots” will anchor and become permanent. You should see hair grow out of the implanted area within a few months, with appreciable results occurring by around 6 months.

FUE Hair Transplant
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is another hair restoration technique. This procedure is not used for large areas of thinning hair unless used with another procedure. During an FUE, the doctor removes individual follicular units from the donor area and reimplants them individually into the bald and thinning regions.

Schedule a Consultation
After doing your research, you should schedule a hair consultation. A hair specialist can explain your options and determine which procedure may work best for your head.

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