How To Find A Corporate Motivational Speaker

Hiring a corporate motivational speaker for your next event is a fantastic way to boost sales, increase productivity, and improve company morale. Regardless of the type of message you wish to get across, corporate motivational speakers are available to not only reach your staff in a unique way, but when the right one is hired, can also give them something to discuss long after the event is done. Studies have shown that hiring a humorous corporate motivational speaker is the best way to get your employees to pay attention, bond, and retain the information presented to them – much better than just listening to the boss alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you begin your search for your next corporate motivational speaker.

Decide On A Topic

Before turning to the internet to begin your search, take some time to decide what exactly the topic for discussion should be. If your sales are dipping, perhaps it would be an ideal time to find someone who can help your sales team increase their profits. If morale is low, try to examine why. Setting aside that time to figure out exactly what your goal is in having a corporate motivational speaker address your staff is a great way to figure out what type of motivational speaker to hire.

Choose Your Preferred Style

Style can mean the type of presentation given, or it can simply refer to a laugh to content ratio. For example, some motivational speakers rely heavily on props, others on jokes, and others still on life experience. Again, take some time and determine which style would suit your desired topic and your intended audience best. When it comes time to hire a speaker, be sure you interview the person first to ensure that his or her style is in line with your intention for the talk.

Set A Budget

Your budget will likely determine the length of the presentation or the speaker who performs. Many motivational speakers work within teams, giving a business owner even more choice and flexibility when it comes to factors such as style and cost. Certain speakers will also bill by the hour, rather than by the talk, so setting a budget could determine the length of the presentation or the speaker who will attend.


After you have determined these factors set out above, be sure you interview anyone you are considering for the position. This will give you a feel for their overall style, and will also answer important questions such as cost and length of the presentation. It will also let you know what type of humor they employ, and whether or not it is in keeping with the working environment you wish to present.

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