How to Choose the Best Charity Auctioneers for Your Event

One of the most important parts of a charity auction is actually the auctioneer. Even if you have some of the most attractive items up for auction at your event, it’s the professional charity auctioneers that will highlight the positives of each item and stir up interest in bidding to get the highest potential bid. But how do you know if you are choosing a reputable auctioneer? Here are some tips you can use to ensure you hire the best person for the job.

Hiring an auctioneer is much like hiring any other type of professional to do work for you. One of the first things you should check on is their references. Reputable auctioneers will have testimonials and references from past clients who were satisfied with the professionalism and customer service that was provided. Contact a few of the references that the charity auctioneers give you and find out if they were fully satisfied or if there is anything they should watch out for with the particular professional you are considering hiring.

Before you hire an auctioneer, you should know how much experience they have in the business. Some auctioneers may only have a couple years of actual experience on stage and auctioning items. Others might have decades of experience. You might even find some who don’t have any actual experience on stage but they have worked for auction houses and services in the past. Getting the maximum amount for an item at auction takes experience. Just because you’re doing a charity auction doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the best professionals to work for you. Choose an auctioneer with years of actual experience or you could end up with an auction that isn’t nearly as successful as it could be.

Style of Auctioning
When you’re holding an auction, there’s probably a certain style that you’re going for. There are auctions that are very sophisticated that cater to the upscale bidders and then there are more casual auctions that appeal to bidders on a stricter budget. It’s important to find the charity auctioneers who fit the style so you can appeal to the largest number of bidders in the audience. If you’re trying to have a sophisticated auction with items in the six and seven figure price range, having an auctioneer that is more refined and serious is likely going to bring in the most money. On the other hand, auctioneers for events with lower priced items will be more successful if they are more casual, laid back and fun.

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