How to choose the best bathroom fittings

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When remodeling your bathroom, there a few factors to consider. The most important factors are the budget, space and necessities. What in the bathroom has to be remodeled, how much space is there and exactly how much are you willing to spend? It is absolutely essential to make a list of the items that you, under no circumstances, can live without.

An entire bathroom makeover

Whether you have just moved in to a fixer upper, or have been dealing with your drab bathroom for a while, there are complete bathroom re-dos for any budget. The essentials of any bathroom are a bathing facility, toilet and sink. The only differentiating factor is the budget. For a luxury jet bathtub accompanied by a stand up shower with glass surround cost in upwards of 5,000 dollars. While a standard tub and shower combo with nothing fancy can be installed for about 750 dollars. A single run of the mill vanity can be 100 dollars, while a double granite vanity install can be 1000 dollars. Toilets can range anywhere from 100 to 800 dollars as well. These are just a few examples of how the prices of remodeling the bathroom in St. George can vary in extremes.


Toilets can come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Today energy and water efficiency is all the rage. Whatever the unique preference is there is a toilet for everyone. A toilet’s water flush capacity can range from 5 gallons all the way down to 1.3 gallons. The rule of thumb is, the lower the flush capacity the better it is for the environment. If your toilet is requiring 5 gallons for every single flush, that’s quite a bit of water wasting. At 1.3 gallons per flush, the modern toilet is more likely to have the least impact not only on the environment, but also your wallet.


There are two basic types of vanities that can be installed; single and double. If you find yourself constantly switching back and forth between you and your partner in the mornings a double vanity is a must. If there is not enough space in the bathroom as it is right now, don’t worry. All it takes is minimal space to expand a vanity. While this does include re-arranging the walls of the master suite, it is entirely possible. Just shave off some room in the closet or bedroom, and your morning could be noticeably stress free. On the other hand, if it’s just one person using the bathroom, and the vanity is old, cracked, or just plain ugly, a single space saving vanity is the way to go. No matter which one you choose, there are options to suite any design.

Bathing Facilities

This is where bathroom remodeling in St George gets more involved. There are many different options when it comes to bathing facilities. From antique to modern chic there are options for everyone. For space saving, there are tub/shower combos. For the more luxurious, there are garden tubs with and without jets and a separate shower.


For the disabled and elderly there are many different options to personalize a bathroom. Hand railings are fairly simple to install and provide an essential need. There are also bathtub and shower options that are specifically designed to make life easier for anyone with special needs.

No matter what your bathroom remodeling requirements are, Re-Bath St. George in Utah has it all! They can accommodate any need, no matter how big or small it may seem. To contact call: 800-228-4882 or browse their website at:

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