How to Choose Earrings in Billings that Go With Every Occasion

It is the secret desire of every jewelry lover to find versatile items that go with every occasion to have a bigger collection to choose from. To make a statement, there are countless choices like studs, hoops, and drops and different types of materials like silver, steel, gold, bronze and many more. Here are the tips to choose earrings in Billings that will not only go with every occasion but will also add stardom to your personality.

Know Your Face Shape
The shape of your face and the choice of your earrings define your personality in any occasion. For choosing the right pair of earrings for your face shape, have a look on these tips.

  • Circular and long earrings look good on round faces but if your face is round as well as chubby then prefer long and chain-style earrings to make your face look longer.
  • For heart-shaped faces, chandeliers and tear-drops till half the length of your face would be perfect.
  • People with square jaws can wear hoops and circular earrings to make a statement.
  • People with long faces can choose from any type of earrings except long or chain earrings.
  • People with oval shaped faces can pick any type of earrings.

Studs, Hoops or Drops?
Hoops with diameter of 1.5 to 2 inches are ideal to choose for everyday life as well as for special occasions. Thick hoops are heavier in weight and make you feel uncomfortable. When choosing hoop earrings, pick classic metals like silver and bronze to make them look suitable for every occasion.
Drops and dangles are ideal to wear at school, at office or at a special occasion. Choose small size drops from 2 to 3 inches length. Longer drops can be used for weddings. Select crystal drops with stone ornaments to make them ideal for all occasions and events.
Studs are amazing to wear at school, office, at a wedding or to give as a gift. Simple and colorful crystal or metal studs can be used for semi-formal and formal purposes like school and office. Studs with precious stones like diamonds can be used for very formal occasions like weddings and ceremonies. Metal studs go with all occasions. Choosing the right type of earrings in Billings can help you save a lot of time, energy and money.

Consider the Dress Style
Your dress style and jewelry combine to complete your look in any occasion. A secret recipe to make earring go with any occasion is to make the right combination of dress style and earring.

  • Wear simple dress with heavy drops.
  • With colorful dress, wear simplest and small studs.
  • Wear crystal or plain metal jewelry with plain dress.
  • Avoid purchasing very big earrings as it requires deep fashion sense to make their combination with a dress.
  • Wear the earrings in store and look closely in the mirror to match them with your face shape. If you have picked the right combination, any dress would go with your earrings.

Montana has a wide variety of jewelry and finding the right type of earrings in Billings should not be difficult for you. If you are shopping for a special occasion and confused about choosing a pair of earrings then you may also seek help from the salesperson. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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