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How to Become a Real Estate Professional in Utah

Utah is home to almost 3 million people. If you’re considering becoming a real estate professional in Utah, real estate licensing is a straightforward process. The rules, set forth by the state, require that you must be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Being that the job entails working with private information and financial transactions, you do not qualify if you have had a felony conviction in the last five years or a misdemeanor involving fraud, theft, dishonesty or misrepresentation.

Class Is in Session
You must take an approved course of 120 hours of real estate education at a certified real estate pre-license school. For your convenience, classes are offered online. You must complete the program no more than one year prior to applying for your license. If you pass the class, you will receive documentation certifying that you have done so. You must present this along with your application to take the exam.

Time for Testing
You’ve studied hard and test day has arrived. You should arrive at the testing facility at least 30 minutes before your test time in order to allow for filling out your application and checking in. You must bring two forms of identification and the Candidate Education Certifying Document. Most testing centers will be able to fingerprint you on site, but if they can’t, they will supply two fingerprint cards you may take to any law enforcement facility. A testing facility employee will take your photograph for your score report.

The test is administered on a computer, but you’ll have practice using the system before the actual test begins. You will be allowed four hours to complete both portions of the exam. The General portion, true to its name, contains 80 general questions about real estate. The State portion asks 50 questions pertaining to the laws specific to Utah. Real estate licensing will occur if you pass with a minimum score of 70.

The Finish Line
After you pass your exam, the test facility will give you a license application. You have 90 days to apply for Utah real estate licensing. The application fee is $100. Additional fees are $40 for processing your fingerprints and a $12 recovery fund fee. The $152 application fee is due at the time you submit your application to the Commission. The Real Estate Commission will issue your Utah real estate licensing promptly after approving your application.

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