How Swatch Samples Can Boost Sales for Your Painting Business

Operating a professional and commercial painting business is exciting. There’s always work to be had, and lots of customers who have interior and exterior painting needs. However, a lot of people can’t pick or choose paint colors without visual help. That’s where commercial wall covering swatches come in handy. It helps you show customers the many different colors and textures you can provide as a painting service. There are also a few additional benefits to using premium commercial wall covering swatches when you are attempting to increase sales of your services.

Match Colors to Customer Furnishings

Customers love having wall colors and coverings match or complement the furniture in a room. Usually they have a hard time visualizing this. Pulling out swatches and matching them to furnishings or finding a complementary color that really makes the room pop encourages customers to choose your business as the one they want for their painting and wall covering needs.

Offer on-the-Spot Advice for Color Choices

You come off as an expert when you are able to show and tell a customer what options he or she can choose and why those options should be chosen. You can show a couple of swatches and if a customer wants a color or wall covering somewhere in between a set of colors, you can offer advice on how to get exactly what they want. Customers like hearing how you can accommodate them and provide exactly what they want. It increases sales because they have found someone they trust who has promised them what they are looking for.

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