All About Wire Harness Manufacturing

A wire harness is a crucial and sensitive piece of gear since the wires, cables, and connectors are responsible for transmitting electric power or signals. It goes without saying that if your business needs wire harness assembly services, you need it done right the first time.

The Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

This work needs to be painstakingly precise, and most of it needs to be done by hand. Routing cables and wires through fabric sleeves is a delicate operation.

Some of the steps involved in wire harness manufacturing include:

  • Cutting, stripping, and terminating the wires
  • Inserting wires into connector housing
  • Mating male and female wire bundles
  • Binding wires with an outer covering

Contract Manufacturing for Wire Harness Assembly

You may not have the staff or the facility to create the custom wire harnesses that you need. Consider reaching out to a contract manufacturer to have your harnesses produced to your exact specifications. The best contract manufacturers are happy to work with orders of any size. They will turn around your products quickly, and they will ensure that every harness is exactly what you need.

Contract manufacturers are also able to assist with circuit board assembly prototyping and production, MOD changes and wiring, battery pack assemblies, switch assemblies, thermocouples, and mechanical services such as precision milling and product kitting.

Reach out to a well-respected contract manufacturer today to learn about how they can work with you on wire harness manufacturing or any other related services that you need. Turnaround is quick and prices are reasonable!

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