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How Should Homeowners Prepare Their Homes For Fumigation?

One of the main reasons for having a home fumigated is termites. A termite colony can consume a foot of wood every six months which can lead to extensive damage in a home. It is imperative homeowners act quickly, as soon as they are aware they have a problem. Fumigation is the most effective means of removing these pests because it sends the pesticide deep into the walls, where termites live and feed. Preparing for this treatment will help to ensure it is effective.

These tips will help homeowners prepare for their treatment:

      *      Because the home will be tented during the Fumigation process, it is imperative homeowners remove any awnings or fold them away and clear about two feet of space around their home so it will not be obstructed. This will prevent issues during the process.

      *      All trees branches must be trimmed back to ensure they are not touching the roof so the pest control company will have access to the roof and the home so the tenting can be draped.

      *      All living plants and animals must be removed from the home, including fish. The pesticides in the treatment process can cause the death of plants and animals so it is imperative a homeowner clears out their home of all life until the process is over and the pest control specialist says it is safe to come back.

      *      All food products must be removed from the home so they will not come into contact with the pesticides that are used to kill the termites residing in a property.

      *      Homeowners will need to turn off the gas and all flames in their home before the process begins so there is no danger of fire.

      *      All drawers, doors, and cabinets must be opened prior to the pest control services taking over and carrying out treatment. This ensures the pesticides will be able to go throughout the home and there will be no hiding places for pests.

If your home has termites, it is crucial you seek removal services right away so your home will be protected from further damage. Contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC so you can schedule your appointment right away. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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