How Senior Care in Bethesda, MD Helps with Medication Management

About 87% of seniors over 65 take prescription drugs. This is not surprising given many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, arthritis, and hypertension, disproportionately afflict seniors. Choosing the appropriate prescription can save lives in some circumstances. Others employ the correct medicine to prevent or treat illnesses, such as arthritic discomfort.

Some seniors also use over-the-counter medications, which can be exceedingly harmful if not prescribed by a doctor. No matter the reason for taking medication, senior care in Bethesda, MD, helps with medication management.

No More Missed or Extra Doses

While medication management is important for people of all ages, the elderly confront several challenges that may make it difficult to take their prescription as prescribed. The first point to mention is that about 40% of seniors over the age of 65 suffer from some degree of memory loss.

Seniors who suffer from this illness may find it difficult to remember to take their medication on time or forget that they have already taken it and take it twice. Double dosage and skipping doses can both be life-threatening and have the potential to impair the efficacy of a medicine. Hiring a place like Capital City Nurses ensures all doses are taken correctly and on time.

Seniors No Longer Have to Read Prescription Bottles

Impaired vision may hinder seniors from correctly reading the directions on their prescription, resulting in their overdosing or underdosing their medication. The senior may be able to read the directions, but they may find them difficult to comprehend and follow correctly, which is where senior care in Bethesda, MD comes into play. This is especially helpful when adding new drugs or altering the present dosing regimen.

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