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How Robots Will Change Your Future

You may think of robots just as devices that go out of control in sci-fi movies. However, with modern digital circuit design processes, robots are circling the skies as drones, recording your every move, vacuuming your home carpet when you are at your workplace and your grocery superstore is making a robot out of your shopping cart

Would You Allow a Robot to Perform Your Surgery?

One of the ideas behind early robot designs was to replace individuals in the vehicle manufacturing process. Robots replaced almost all the humans in the manufacturing chain of events. They were trusted to perform the welding that would provide the safety cage we all use in today’s modern world of high speed and danger.

Within some warehouses, robots are used to collect and transport stock to a delivery point.

Where robots can repeat an exact process repeatedly without making mistakes, how soon will it be before they are carrying out surgery within our hospitals? The sci-fi movies show these advanced digital circuit designs interacting with humans in their everyday life. Would you choose to work and talk with a robot instead of human interactive behavior?

Your Robot Will Complete Your Online Purchase

When you click towards your favorite online store, robots might complete every stage of the process, including delivery to your home or office. As you order goods the computer system will be automated so that the robot collects your preferred items and updates the inventory software. They will be able to move the goods to the packaging area, preparing the goods for onward delivery.

A robot drone will then collect your goods and fly them to your property.

Will Laws Have to Change?

Most laws in the US relate to the actions and interactions of humans. There are some laws associated to animals. Should a robot cause a problem, then who is to blame? Who will be called before the courts to answer for the robot?

As driverless cars, have become a reality, they are effectively a collection of digital circuit designs dressed up as a robot looking like your favorite vehicle. Should they crash and cause damage or injury to humans, will insurance companies be making claims against the vehicle owner or the robot driver?

Some countries have already reacted to the height that a drone can be flown at. There have been a high number of reports of airplanes being unable to land because drones have been passing, illegally, across the airspace of an airport. There is still the possibility that a drone could fall from the sky and cause injury or damage. This may turn to a limit on the size of drones, but this will restrict the delivery package from your favorite online supplier. It may not be raining cats and dogs soon, but there might be falling books, CDs and food deliveries.

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