How Often to Seek Routine Dental Treatment in Bonney Lake, WA

Frequency matters when seeking dental treatment in Bonney Lake, WA. It is important that you follow the guidelines pertaining to the amount of times you should see your dentist to achieve the optimal oral health.

Why See a Dentist Regularly

Seeing a dentist regularly has many advantages. When you visit your dentist, he or she can detect potential issues that could cause you problems and headaches down the road. Moreover, the cleanings and examinations that your dentist will do will chip away at the plaque, tartar, and bacteria lurking in your mouth that could eventually cause serious oral health issues. By using the proper tools, instruments, and technology, your dentist can give your mouth a deeper clean than what you can achieve on your own.

How Often You Should Go

The general rule of thumb is that you seek dental treatment in Bonney Lake, WA at least twice per year, or once every 6 months. Some dentists even recommend seeing your oral health care provider only once a year, however, this likely will not yield the same results as plaque and tartar can start to buildup on your teeth in as little as a few days after a professional dental cleaning.

When Should You Begin Going to the Dentist?

Routine dental visits are recommended as young as one year of age. Some dental providers even recommend that babies have their first dental appointment as young as six months, or when the first tooth sprouts. Nevertheless, it is never too late to make an appointment with your dentist, even if you never considered it important before.

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