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How Exactly Can a CPAP Machine in Delta Help Someone With Sleep Apnea?

CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure,” and it describes a device that sends a constant flow of air down the patient’s airway. It is considered the gold standard for sleep apnea treatment because the machine is easy to use and causes no side effects. The patient can see improvements in as little as 14 days.

How Would the Patient Use Their CPAP Machine?

A patient would use a CPAP machine in Delta by wearing a special mask over their face while sleeping. The CPAP machine would pump air through a tube connected to the mask that sends enough air down the patient’s airway to keep it open.

What Is BiPAP?

BiPAP is a variation of a CPAP machine that has two pressure settings rather than just one. The BiPap machine uses a low-pressure setting when the patient is exhaling and a high-pressure setting when they are inhaling. The two settings enable the patient to exhale and inhale more air.

Can the CPAP Machine Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Yes. The doctors take an integrated approach to treating sleep apnea, for certain conditions or habits can make the symptoms worse. For example, obesity often worsens sleep apnea, so the doctor will often recommend nutrition counseling to help an obese patient lose weight. Sleeping on one’s back also increases the risk of sleep apnea. In positional therapy, the doctor will encourage the patient to sleep on their side.

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