How Does a Co2 Fire Extinguisher Work?

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

Co2 or carbon dioxide is a common fire suppression agent. In fact, it’s been around for more than 80 years and sees use today in many Iowa homes and businesses. But how does carbon dioxide work and should you consider a Co2 fire extinguisher? Let’s take a closer look at this kind of equipment to help you decide.

Types of Extinguishers

Carbon dioxide is one of three basic types of extinguishers. They are as follows:

 * Water – a natural fire suppressant and the oldest and most common method used today. These extinguishers work because water removes heat.
 * Dry chemical – when you spray foam or powder on fires they hinder oxygen absorption. Nitrogen gas propels the fire suppression foam and since fires must have O2, they cannot continue burning.

 * Carbon dioxide – A Co2 fire extinguisher protects your Iowa business in two ways. First, carbon dioxide must stay pressurized to stay a liquid. Once this pressure releases, the Co2 expands and rushes out of the container. This fights fires by removing fuel (O2) and heat because the Co2 is extremely cold. Carbon dioxide also helps to prevent a fire from restarting, because there is no oxygen left and the area cools off.

Where Can I use a Co2 Fire Extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide is commonly used on electrical and class B fires. They are good for use on oil and gasoline fires too. You can use Co2 on both high and low voltage applications for your Iowa business. This includes:

 * Electrical equipment
 * Workshops
 * Offices
 * Machine shops

Identification and Warnings

You can tell a Co2 device by its black colored label and red body. In addition, look for products with frost-free extinguisher horns when possible. They provide safe and effective fire suppression.

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