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How do Multiple Garage Doors Add Value to a House?

Your property’s overhead garage door and car garage might be more valuable to possible buyers than you first realized. Most home buyers view a usable garage as a vital factor while deciding to purchase a home, and a garage door will play a big part in this. Your house requires a garage door which permits the garage to be effectively utilized; therefore, having two single doors rather than one double door might be better for the value of your home.

Protection from the Elements

There will include some advantages to a double garage door, yet they have a major flaw. As a double garage door becomes opened, it’ll expose the whole garage to the elements. Owning two single garage doors protects the other half of your garage while the first one is open. Element protection is critical if your buyers or you are prepared on using part of the garage for storage purposes, keeping a project vehicle, or an additional alternative use like a gym. Not just will two doors provide you the freedom to have several uses for the garage, it’ll also give a buyer a choice.


A double garage door is heavy and may quickly strain your garage opener, particularly for wood doors or single panel larger doors. A single garage door is lighter, as it’s just half the size, and requires less repairs to the garage opener over time. The extensions or torsion springs and drive, whether it’s a chain or a belt wear out quicker on double garage doors. Keep in mind, it’s oftentimes better to replace those elements on both doors simultaneously to keep the wear even upon both. If you are in need of a Garage Door Opener in Oklahoma City, OK contact Windsor Doors, Siding and Windows Co. at 405-672-3351.

Curb Appeal

It’s more of concern for the garage doors as the garage is in the front of your home facing the street. A double, larger door may call more attention to that particular space of your property’s exterior. With two single garage doors, it’ll create more of a balance in between the exterior of your home and the door of your garage by more efficiently combining the doors into the remainder of the home. The impact upon curb appeal is more of a matter of taste than function yet may be critical to buyers.

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