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How can you tell if your roof is in need of repair?

While your roof has protected the home for a number of years, it will only last so long. In fact, it may be time for some repairs right now. How can you determine if some kind of roof repair Eugene is needed? If any of the following holds true, now is the time to call a professional.

A sure sign that your roof might need some attention is the age. If it’s been in place for more than a couple of decades, some minor wear is expected. By having a professional inspect your roof, you will know if anything needs to be done or if it’s still sound. Remember to have it checked every couple of years, even if everything seems fine.

Broken shingles or residue in the yard after a storm indicates your roof requires attention now. At the least, those shingles need to be replaced. There may also be damage to the flashing or other roof components. Any issues that are present need to be resolved before the next storm arises.

When there’s mold in the attic and moisture on the ceiling joists, that definitely indicates a leak is present. There may be more than one leak. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional roofer conduct an inspection. With a little luck, a few repairs will be all it takes.

Just as other features of your home need attention from time to time, your roof will require a repair now and then. Make sure to hire a professional to manage that roof repair and it will last for many more years.

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