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Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Davenport, IA To Protect You From A Resistant Spouse

A Divorce Lawyer in Davenport, IA offers clarity in difficult circumstances such as attempting to get your spouse to agree to the terms of your divorce. This is not always possible in every situation as some spouses are not ready to accept that the marriage is in fact over. In these situations your selected attorney will act as your alley and assist you in filing your divorce petition and serving your spouse. If you need these services it is imperative that you begin proceedings as soon as possible without delay.

The Resistant Spouse

In some divorce cases, a spouse may deliberately cause friction simply because he or she does not want the divorce. Spouses who choose to behave in this manner may disagree with any terms in which they are presented. These actions are performed only to deter you from filing the divorce and ending the marriage. If your spouse becomes argumentative or becomes a nuisance do to resistance, your attorney can step in and assist you by communicating with his or her attorney.

Restraining Orders

In some divorce cases, it is necessary for the judge to issue a restraining order due to immature and inappropriate behaviors of some spouses. It is for these reasons that such orders are necessary to prevent violence or other adverse reactions. In some cases, the judge may view your spouse as a danger to your children as well and issue a protection order that prohibits your spouse from visiting any areas in which you and your children frequent. Any violation of these orders will result in an arrest to ensure the safety of you and your children.




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