Highlights of Private Dining Restaurants Near Madison Square Park, NYC

Few scenarios backdrop a special occasion as effectively as private dining in Madison Park, NYC. Providing as much intimacy or space as you need, restaurants of all types frequently offer both private and semi-private rooms. You can enjoy business meetings, family celebrations, or an award ceremony in an environment separate from and elevated above the main areas. Dining styles, atmosphere, and crucial details are up to you.

Private Dining Styles

Although usually more upscale than fast-food or casual dining establishments, private dining restaurants near Madison Square Park, NYC still boast a wide range of choices. Italian dining raises the bar on the more commonplace pizzeria. You can enjoy farm-to-table fare as a step up from typical American fare. Corporate meetings and award dinners thrive with the tried-and-true steakhouse which seems to make everything a little fancier. You can venture into the more exotic venues for private dining such as Asian barbecue and Japanese, Greek, or Swedish cuisine.


Private dining restaurants near Madison Square can offer spacious rooms or secluded and elaborate nooks. In any case, you will be able to enjoy a meal or party away from the main eating area. Private dining can involve a room closed off by a door. Other times, its separation from the main dining is more subtle with arches or latticed barriers. Private rooms can accommodate 10 to over 300 patrons depending on the establishment. Occasionally, a manager may even allow you to rent the main dining area and turn the entire restaurant into a private dining experience.

Considerations for Private Dining Restaurants

Although the perks of private dining are considerable, several features should govern your decision.



Venue – are you hosting a wedding reception, corporate dinner, or happy hour?

Menu preferences and dietary requirements

Leeway for themed decorations

Who to Contact

If you need a perfect venue for your next private dining event, contact BLACKBARN Restaurant at and make a reservation.

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