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High Temperature Gasket: Making The Right Choice

If you looked around your home, office or workout space, you are certain to find more than one gasket performing its function. These are sealing connectors. They come in different sizes, shapes and styles. They also are designed to address certain tasks. A high temperature gasket is one specific type of gasket with a specialized purpose.

High Temperature Gaskets

When an application requires material capable of withstanding more than 750ºF continuously, it needs a high temperature fabric. Without the right type of material, the gasket will fail. Without the right type of gasket, the component or other item will also fail to deliver the necessary and expected results to the manufacturer and the consumer.

A high temperature gasket is composed of such matter. It provides a durable, effective and safe barrier against the heat escaping. It needs to maintain a long-term seal at these temperatures for an extended period. The source of the heat may be:

* Direct heat e.g. flame

* Saturated steam

* Hot oils and other combustible fluids

* High pressure

* Exhaust

Depending upon the material, quality high temperature gaskets can withstand temperatures as high as 2300ºF

Materials Used for Producing High Temperature Gaskets

The material used for the production of high temperature gaskets varies according to usage and company. Among the materials used today are metal, rubber and silicone rubber. Metal is a traditional material employed in certain types of high temperature gaskets. It can comprise the entire gasket (solid gaskets) or be used either as a core or as a coating (jacketed gaskets). Rubber has also been employed extensively. Synthetic mixtures, such as silicone rubber, are also proving highly effective in addressing the issues of high temperatures. In many instances, companies produce gaskets of a combination of metals and synthetics e.g. spiral wound gaskets. The combination of plastics or rubber and metal produces a product that blends the strengths of the two materials resulting in a gasket that has high stress and thermal resistance.

Choosing the Right High Temperature Gasket

When an application exceeds 750ºF, the only type of gasket you can employ is a high temperature one. It finds employment in a variety of industries including:

* Waste gas operation e.g. piping, pumping

* Engine operations e.g. OEM exhaust systems

* Heat exchange systems

* Chemical MRO applications

It is important to know the end use of the high temperature gaskets before making a decision on what type of material you plan to use. Factors to consider include:

* Temperature range – including temperature tolerance

* Media

* System pressure

* Exposure conditions

You need to consider all these aspects before deciding on what type of high temperature gasket will meet the performance standards capable of benefiting the entire system.

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