Halitosis and Your Local Dentistry in Waikiki

The causes of bad breath deserve to be detailed because they are more varied than generally imagined. First of all, it is crucial you clean your tongue twice daily because this is where the microbes responsible for halitosis reside. You should also may attention other parts of the mouth, most of which are hidden. Scheduling a consult with your local Dentistry in Waikiki can help you determine the causes of bad breath and what you can do to remedy them.

Factors related to oral bacteria must be avoided. Some of these are:

* Tobacco use. Those who smoke do not know how unpleasant it may be for others smelling “smoker’s breath”. Tobacco not only contributes to tar and nicotine odors, but also aggravates periodontal disease (“pyorrhea”). It also contributes to dry mouth and prevents the beneficial effect of saliva in removing bacteria. Perfect hygiene alone will not correct this issue; you must quit smoking to achieve maximum results.

* Dry mouth (or xerostomia). Bad breath is something that can be seen as soon as you wake up in the morning, probably because the glands produce less saliva at night. Apart from being brushed before bedtime, this is what can happen to mouth breathers and also those who should talk too much. Saliva is an essential factor in cleaning. It accumulates in the mouth and when you swallow countless microbes that decompose your gums and teeth head to your digestive tract. In addition, saliva contains substances that kill the germs that cause unpleasant smells. If the problem is chronic, “dry mouth” may occur. The cause may be a failure of the salivary glands or ingesting various medications, such as antihistamines, diuretics, antidepressants, anxiolytics, etc. And over the years, salivary gland activity is reduced. Dry mouth also contributes to periodontal disease.

* Pyorrhea. Diseased gums are a major source of bad breath. And teeth that collect waste and germs will end up swelling and bleeding. Sometimes the smell is so bad that a dentist can distinguish halitosis without talking to the person. Pyorrhea causes bad breath, in fact, worse than cavities.

Sinusitis is also another issue. The maxillary sinuses can cause bad breath when suffering from respiratory infections and allergies. Postnasal drip is generated on the posterior portion of the tongue (above the soft palate), which itself has bad taste and odor, and also contributes to the proliferation of bacteria. For more information, contact your local dentistry in Waikiki.

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