Halfway Houses For Substance Abusers and Alcohol Dependents

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Health Care

The key to successful inpatient rehabilitation for men suffering from the addictive effects of alcohol abuse is finding a halfway house with a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to focus on your own therapeutic and spiritual care. Men who are fortunate enough to be taken into a full time residential rehab will receive the best support possible from a team of dedicated specialists.

A First Step Sober Living facility is unique in that we require our residents to actively participant in activities designed to overcome their addiction and stay sober. While you are a resident in a sober housing facility, you will be involved in one-on-one as well as group counseling.

When choosing a program to manage your substance abuse, whether the problem is alcohol or drugs, it is extremely important to take into account the individual needs of the addict. Individuals with a long history of substance abuse will benefit more from our housing facility because we work to create structured schedules and how each other accountable to meet individual and household goals.

Since it is impossible to gauge how long full recovery will take, you should look for a halfway house that offers a flexible program like First Step Sober Living offers. This will allow you to work toward recovery at a pace that you are comfortable with.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a sober living house in San Diego. Our experience working and being past residents in some of the worst post rehab sober living atmospheres you can think of, drove us to create the ideal environments we offer to our live-In’s. We have pinpointed the top four factors to consider before committing to a sober living house.

1. The Facility must have a full time supervisor to manage/monitor the active participants in the sober living program. A supervisor that is not present on a daily basis allows for more changes for people to relapse at a fragile time of recovery.
2. An environment free from any distractions where you have the opportunity to focus on your full recovery. Distractions can come in the form of old friends you use to use with, or people who might trigger certain emotional responses with that have previously forced you to use.
3. When you are admitted to a halfway house without curfew or allowed to leave for days at a time, the lack of a structured schedule can lead to relapse. Make sure the facility you choose is a full time sober living home and the regularly receive care from specialists to manage their recovery process.
4. The sober living house is connected or in a partnership with an inpatient rehabilitation facility. This is genuinely important for those who have been addicted for a considerable period of time as they may require comprehensive medical care during the first few days while they are undergoing detoxification.

Here are a few questions you should be asking when choosing a San Diego sober living house after treatment.

*  It is mandatory that the facility has considerable experience in dealing with the addiction?

*  Is the facility close to family that could aid in my recovery process? Location can be important. A halfway house in San Diego is ideal for those in Southern California as it allows family to visit and keep abreast of your progress. If contact with your family/friends would hinder your recovery process, we have facilities in locations all around the county for you to choose your ideal separation location.

*  Check the major characteristics of the program; what are the ages of the men being treated? what is the length of the program? can the program be extended? are there any restrictions placed on visitors> what accommodations are available, etc? All of these questions can be answered by our staff members during an initial consultation or by calling (858)342-9151.

*  Does your staff work with doctors? What certifications/experience warrant you to run this facility? The staff should have adequate credentials, ensuring that they are trained in treating alcohol/substance abuse addiction.

If you or a family member is addicted to alcohol or drugs, and professional care is needed, please contact First Step Sober Living for a FREE consultation and a tour of one of our sober living houses in San Diego.

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