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Getting Repairs for Auto Glass in Silver Spring MD

Many people have experienced the frustration that comes with cracked or chipped Auto glass in Silver Spring MD, and although damage can come from a variety of causes, the most common is flying debris. Though it’s illegal in many states to drive with a damaged windshield, many drivers regard it as an annoyance that can be tolerated to a degree. However, the windshield is an integral part of a vehicle’s support structure, and a cracked windshield can become deadly during a collision.

The Role of the Windshield in the Protection of Passengers

In most vehicles, the windshield funnels the force of a frontal collision down into the chassis, minimizing effects on passengers. A cracked windshield can shatter during a collision, allowing the force of impact to move horizontally through the vehicle and injuring passengers. A car’s windshield also offers vertical support to keep the roof from caving in during a rollover crash.

While seatbelts do a lot to protect passengers during crashes, windshields are almost as important. For a passenger not wearing a seatbelt, a windshield can keep the person inside the vehicle during a crash. Even minor chips can cause a windshield to shatter upon impact, allowing passengers to be thrown from the car. If a driver has a chipped windshield, they should get it repaired as soon as possible to protect themselves and their passengers.

Windshields and Airbags: How They Work Together

Not only does the windshield distribute impact from a crash, it provides support to the vehicle’s airbags, especially those on the vehicle’s passenger side. When an airbag deploys after a crash, it forcefully expands outward, pushing against the windshield before billowing out to support a passenger. A cracked, chipped or damaged windshield can’t absorb force from an inflating airbag, and it can shatter, diminishing the airbag’s effectiveness.

When considering the dangers that can result from even minor windshield damage, it is important to Click Here to get damaged Auto glass in Silver Spring MD repaired by a licensed technician as soon as possible. Most auto insurance policies pay the cost of a windshield replacement, and out of pocket costs are typically affordable. In most cases, windshield repair and replacement take under an hour, and they can be done onsite rather than in a Beltway Auto & Plate Glass repair facility.

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