Benefits of Contacting a Business Offering Plumbing Services in Columbia Maryland for Clogged Drain Issues

One of the most common plumbing issues many homeowners have to deal with is clogged drains. While many clogged drains are just terrible nuisances, others can be very severe and cause extensive damage to the home. One of the best ways to avoid a minor clog from turning into something severe is by contacting a business that handles Plumbing Services in Columbia Maryland at the first sign of trouble.

Many times, homeowners may decide to handle a clog on their own. Often they may use a plunger or even a hand held plumbing snake to fix the problem. Sometimes they are successful. However, sometimes they may only move the clog around enough to allow water to flow. In this type of situation, the clog is still present, and the issue will reoccur later on. This can lead more severe problems.

A professional from a business that handles Plumbing Services in Columbia Maryland will begin working on this type of problem by first determining what the exact issue causing the clogged drain is. A camera can be sent into the pipes so the technician can find the clog or other issue. This can be helpful in determining how to deal with the issue.

If the issue is a large clog, most technicians will use a heavy-duty plumbing auger to remove the clog. This equipment allows a long cable to be inserted into the pipe until it reaches the clog. The cable is turned to cause the hook at its end to dig into the clog. This action tears the clog apart, and it can be flushed through the pipe.

In many cases, the lining of the pipes may be covered with grease, hair and soap scum. Because this matter can cause clogs to form more easily, the technician may decide to clean the pipes as well. Cleaning the pipes is done using a hydro-jet. This equipment sends high-pressured water through the pipes and removes any small clogs or matter attached to the pipes. This can help in eliminating future problems from developing.

Homeowners who are having issues with the drains in their home should consider calling a professional for help as quickly as possible. This can be important in helping to eliminate more costly problems later on.

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